Ancient Greek-themed games project

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Category: Projects

This year, as part of the brand new classics enrichment course being run at Cheney School for year 9s through the East Oxford Community Classics Centre, students have been designing board games themed on ancient Greece. They have been learning about the Minoans and Mycenaeans, and have recently started exploring the Pre-Socratic philosophers. They are also learning ancient Greek and have even had a go at learning some Linear B. 

They have had a visit from Leslie and Freddie Scott from the Oxford Games Company to talk about what makes a successful game, and how to bring it to market. Leslie is the creator of Jenga and many other games - including some Greek and Roman themed games, which the students had a chance to explore. 

They will continue to work on their games this year, and will be able to create a finished prototype which will ultimately remain in the classics centre for Cheney School students and the wider community to play for generations to come!

We will update their progress later in the year. Thank you very much to Freddie and Leslie for their fascinating and inspiring input into the process!