Ancient Astronomy Competition: Create an Orrery

Tags: Orrery, Astronomy, Ancient Greek, Competition

As part of our Ancient Astronomy season at the EOCCC, we are running a competition which is open to schools and homeschoolers, in Oxfordshire and beyond. The competition involves creating an orrery - it can be based on either ancient Greek or modern models and can be any size and made out of any material.

There are two categories - under 18s and under 12s - there will be a winner and runner-up selected in both categories. The entries will be judged by Professor Steven Balbus - Head of Astrophysics, Savilian Professor of Astronomy, University of Oxford.

The deadline for entries is February 22nd. You can bring your entry to the EOCCC by leaving it at Cheney School reception, clearly labelled with your name and contact details, or arranging a time to drop it off with us in person if you prefer. Please get in touch with any questions on

Results will be announced in March.

Our Ancient Astronomy day on 20th January will include stalls, activities, lectures and workshops. Find out more here.

Good luck!