Ancient Greek and Roman Cookery Project

Tags: Ancient cookery, romans, greeks

This term, the Classics Centre has been running an exciting Ancient Cookery project for year 8 students! It has involved a series of 12 weekly after school sessions where students have been able to learn about and create a range of ancient dishes, ranging from Persian Love Cake to Roman Burgers. The sessions were led by classicist and student chef Laura Martin. As well as creating dishes and exploring ancient recipes, the group have also learned about the context of each of the dishes, looking at the life of a Roman soldier, what happened at a Greek symposium and how to pour a libation to the Roman gods!

The scheme has been very enjoyable as well as educational, and we are especially thankful to Laura for her brilliant recipes and to Jackie Hardie for supporting the sessions so enthusiastically! We hope to be able to run these sessions again next year.