Ancient Greek themed games project visit

Tags: Board Games, Ancient Greek, games, Oxford

On Friday 7th November, we were privileged to welcome Freddie and Leslie Scott from the Oxford Games Company to Cheney School. As part of their course, the year 9 classics enrichment group have been creating ancient Greek-themed board games - these games will be produced at the end of the process and then become permanent resources in the classics centre for future students and community visitors to play and enjoy.

Leslie is the inventor of the very widely-known Jenga game, as well as many other household games, ranging from card games to board games; her daughter Freddie is a designer who has successfully designed and marketed her own game ideas. Freddie and Leslie delivered a fascinating and broad-ranging talk on how they developed these popular games - students learned the meaning of the word 'Jenga' and the complexities of bringing any game to market; they also had a look at a wide range of other games, how they came about and how they worked. 

They then explored the game ideas of the students, offering advice and guidance from an expert perspective. Everyone really enjoyed talking about to the pair about their plans and hearing feedback. 

We were really grateful for their time, enthusiasm and expertise, and for a really unusual and interesting visit!