Artists in Residence at EOCCC

Tags: Avid for Ovid, Dance, Music, Ballet, Roman, Pantomime

A very exciting development this term has been that the inspiring Avid for Ovid group have become the first ever Artists in Residence at the classics centre! They will be regularly rehearsing at the school, and using that as an opportunity to meet with students, develop and trial workshops and engage with the community through their lively and animating performances.

Avid for Ovid (A4O) is a group comprising three Oxford-based artists (dancers Susie Crow and Ségolène Tarte, and musician Malcolm Atkins) and Birmingham-based dancer Marie-Louise Crawley. In summer 2013 they participated in the Oxford University research project Ancient Dance in Modern Dancers (ADMD), bringing their practical knowledge as performers to explore the long forgotten form of tragoedia saltata, or ancient Roman pantomime, solo storytelling through dance and music. They formed A4O as a group of performers to explore from our perspective as artists the potential of using principles and ideas from ancient dance and music in contemporary performance.

They bring together a rich range of dance knowledge both as performers and choreographers, drawing on experience of ballet, contemporary, mime, mask work, and butoh. Malcolm is a multi-instrumentalist and composer who works across a wide range of musical genres. They are all experienced improvisers interested in the use of improvisation within a narrative structure in performance, and the fluid boundaries between the composed and the spontaneous.
In 2014 Avid for Ovid showed work in the Al Jaber Auditorium, Corpus Christi College (twice); at the Festival of Ancient Tales for EOCCC; at Modern Art Oxford for Contemporary Arts Research Unit; and Iffley Music Society Summer Community Concert.
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