Classical Myth Day

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On 1st April, the East Oxford Community Classics Centre ran a classical myth and storytelling day!

The event involved a series of workshops which took place across the day for year 7 and 8 students, as well as a community after school workshop for younger children. The workshops were run by Paul O'Mahony amd Mike Tweddle from Temple Theatre. They have devised a show called “Unmythable”, which is a tour through the colourful and monster-filled world of Greek myth! 

Students got to take part in a wide variety of drama and storytelling techniques used in the theatre, and they also took part in a storytelling game which explored how myths develop and grow through communities and generations. They then used what they had learned to devise a series of scenes from different classical myths, ranging from Theseus and the Minotaur to Orpheus and Eurydice.

Alongside all the workshops, there was a school-wide storytelling Tutor Time activity on the day involving coming up a summary of a classical myth in 30 words! 5 classicists in costume visited some groups to tell a favourite myth, and other groups chose their own myths and worked on them.

Below are three of the many 30 word versions students came up with. Many thanks to all who took part!


The Minotaur

Bull-man living in a maze, ate youngsters voraciously. Promising his father he'd trounce the 

taurine-terror, Thesus murdered the monster navigating the maze using the string given to him by 


Odysseus and The Cyclops

Shipwrecked, stranded, skilful seafarer Odysseus foraged for provisions on an island inhabited 

by a murderous myopic monster. Avenging the culling of his crew, Odysseus brutally blinded the 

monster and escaped... 

Jason and Medea

Jason wants to be king, brother says no, goes on a quest, completes quest, Medea falls in love with 

him and kills everyone else. She then escapes to the sun.