Greek Drama Season at the Classics Centre

Tags: Greek drama, Aristophanes, Euripides, Bacchae

This term it is Greek Drama season, and the centre has been decorated to reflect this exciting theme, and a range of drama-related projects and events have been taking place! On 24th February, we were delighted to host a performance of Lysistrata by the Actors of Dionysus. Many Cheney students, staff and parents attended, as well as a range of community visitors and school groups. The performance was vibrant, provocative, musical, visual, and highly entertaining as well as being very true to the original play by Aristophanes. 

The Year 8s are working in groups on a range of different Aristophanes' plays and will be performing excerpts from these at a Dionysia next term! They have made chorus masks and are being introduced to the plays at the moment in their Beginners Latin classes - The Frogs, The Birds, The Clouds and The Wasps are all being performed! 

Meanwhile, the AS Latin group wrote and acted their own version of Bacchae, based on the Ovid set text they are studying - book three of the Metamorphoses. Below you can watch their short play - there was no rehearsal, and so this is their first and only performance. Cast list and credits as follows:

  • Tiresias - Coral Dalitz
  • Acoetes - Lucy Ritchie
  • Chorus and sailors: Bella Godden-Melendez, Hannah Algar, Ruchika Ganesh, Coral Dalitz, Serene Shibli-Sexton
  • Agave: Hannah Algar
  • Bacchus - David Hibbert 
  • Pentheus - David Gimson 
  • Script by: AS Latin group
  • Filmed by: Samuel Herklotz
  • Sound, props and costumes: Lorna Robinson