Greek Tragedy Workshop

Tags: Greek drama, Classical Civilisation, Medea

On Tuesday 10th January, we were delighted to welcome Harry Tanner and Maria Overy to the classics centre. Harry and Maria are working on a film of the well-known Greek Tragedy Medea, which will be in the original Greek, and came to deliver an introduction to Greek theatre to our Year Nine Classical Civilisation classes. 

Maria began by giving a very informative introduction to some of the key aspects of Greek theatre, such as theatre layout, actors, masks, chorus and origins. Harry then delivered a lively and passionate introduction to the Antigone, a play which the students will be studying this term, and Medea. 

He emphasised the highly political nature of Greek Tragedy and the context of the Peloponnesian War, and brought the whole class to their feet, with eyes closed, to have a go at reciting the chorus' opening lines. 

Finally, the group were able to see the very intriguing trailer for the forthcoming Medea film. 

The workshop was an excellent and memorable introduction to the context of Greek theatre, and we are very grateful for Harry and Maria's time and energy in delivering this session for our students. 

The Year Nines will be off to see the UCL Classical Society's production of Antigone next month at The Shaw Theatre in London.