Harry Potter, Latin roots and ancient magic

Tags: Latin, ancient magic, Harry Potter, Primary Outreach

 On Tuesday 18th October, the classics centre held a fantastical event for children in Years 3 and 4! 

Visitors were greeted by a wizard, given a magical gift bag, and then welcomed into the school library where they were able to enjoy a range of stalls and activities. These were all themed on ancient Greek and Roman magic as well as Harry Potter! Children were able to make their own Egyptian hieroglyphics scroll, create a spooky mask, have a go at capturing one of Cerberus' heads, and work out riddles. There was also a range of experimental food and drink, including bat blood and dragon juice, magic wands and owl cakes! 

After all this, they were taken to the classics centre to take part in a workshop run by Francesca Richards. Francesca, dressed as a witch with a friendly owl on her shoulder, encouraged the children to work out the meanings of Latin words used in Harry Potter spells. She then read an extract from Jason and the Argonauts where to witch Medea was concocting a spell. The groups then had a go at making this potions in cauldrons! Ingredients were placed in jars around the room labelled with Latin words, and they had to course the items and work out the words.

We are very grateful to Francesca, all the Year 9s, 11s and 13s who helped run activities and prepare for the workshop, and to everyone who attended!