Imagined Worlds Costume Competition

Tags: Imagined Worlds, Competition, fancy dress

We are delighted to announce that we will be holding a costume competition as part of our Imagined Worlds Festival on 9th February. Come in character as any character from one of our four main worlds - Middle Earth, Narnia, Harry Potter and Alice in Wonderland - to our Festival. You will be able to register for the competition when you arrive at the Festival (you can register at any time between 3 and 5.45pm). The competition is open to all ages!

There will be prizes announced on Monday 19th February for the best costumes for each of the four worlds. 

Please note that registering for the competition involves giving your name, age and a contact email or phone number on arrival, and having a photograph taken of your costume. We would like to use these photographs on our website, Therefore, we need parental permission to register for anyone under the age of eighteen. Parents can either give their permission in person if present or send us an email on

We look forward to seeing your costumes ar our Festival! For more details about the event, please visit the webpage at