Is Ovid's Metamorphoses an epic?

Tags: Ovid, Latin, Epic

This week at the classics centre the Latin AS group were split into two teams to takes sides on the question: Is Ovid's Metamorphoses an epic poem?

The group have been studying book three of the Metamorphoses this year, and the topic produced some passionately-expressed arguments for both the 'yes' and 'no' campaign! 

The 'yes' campaign felt that the length of the poem, its grand themes featuring gods and well-known myths, and its allusions and stylistic similarities with Homer's and Virgil's epic poems were all strong arguments in favour of it being an epic. The 'no' campaign felt the fact that there was no central character, and the comic elements of the poem meant that it shouldn't be classed as an epic. 

If you have any arguments for or against, please email them to or leave a comment on twitter or facebook for us, and we will add them to the boards!