Jeremy Paxman visit

Tags: debating, Jeremy Paxman

We were privileged to welcome Jeremy Paxman this afternoon to kick off an ancient and modern debating season at the Classics Centre!

Jeremy arrived to deliver a fascinating and broad-ranging talk to the whole sixth form, where he talked about how he became a reporter, what a typical day working for Newsnight was like, and how to ask the important questions of political leaders. He spoke of the challenges of interviewing, of situations which had affected him, and the inevitability of failure in our lives, amongst many other things. 

After this, he had tea and cake in the classics centre with junior debating students, who were able to ask him questions about issues such as Donald Trump and how current affairs affects the interview process. Tea was followed by watching a debate conducted by the senior debaters on the topic of whether History teaching in schools is too Anglocentric. The students debated with passion, and Jeremy offered feedback after the debate.

Everyone greatly enjoyed meeting him and asking him questions, and we are very grateful to him for taking the time to visit and speak at the centre and school.

In the next few months, we will be running an "ancient and modern debate" project in local primary schools, which explores the roots of democracy and the importance of debating, culminating in a debating tournament at Cheney. Primary schools who would like to be involved are invited to get in touch.