Lysistrata at Cheney

Tags: Aristophanes, comedy, Lysistrata, Actors of Dionysus

On Tuesday evening, theatre company Actors of Dionysus brought their adaptation of Aristophanes 'Lysistrata' to Cheney School for a community performance! 

The play was an exciting, lively and provocative take on the ancient Athenian original, which explored how one woman led a campaign to deny their husbands sex in order to stop them going to war. The story was brought to life with great vibrancy through songs, dancing and humour, while exploring the deeper issues of war, peace and gender roles in the ancient world. The actors delivered a highly professional and entertaining performance which delighted the audience. As well as a number of Cheney students and staff attending, there were local school groups and community visitors.

Bella Godden Melendez, Year 12, commented: "All I can say is wow! These people are so talented, and managed to put together a wonderful performance. It was bawdy, rude and dangerously funny."

We are very grateful to the Actors of Dionysus for starting off the tour of their brilliant play at Cheney and wish them the very best with the rest of the tour!