New artefacts at the classics centre

Tags: Museum, Artefact, Roman coins, Greek coins

We have been delighted to have received several generous donations to the classics centre's artefact collection this month! One of the items is a small perfume bottle, called an "unguentarium". It is early Imperial (between the 1st and 2nd c. AD) and it is very unusual for such a delicate item to be in one piece. We have also been given an original Roman oil lamp, also from the Imperial period, which appears to have been found as part of a shipwreck. Both these items can be viewed in the cabinet in the main reception at Cheney School.

As well as these two items, we are also very excited to have been given a beautifully-preserved collection of Greek and Roman coins on loan. These coins include a "tetradrachm", an ancient Greek silver coin, with the distinctive Athenian owl on one side, and an image of the goddess Athena on the other. These coins are currently being examined by specialists, so we can find out as much information as possible, and will be able to be viewed soon. Year 9 classics enrichment students have already had the opportunity to see and handle these as part of their training to be student curators of the collection!

We are very grateful to Dr Aaron Alzola and Francesca Richards for these donations and loans - visitors are very welcome to see items in our collection - please email; the collection can also be viewed here.