Roman kitchen workshops

Tags: workshop, Roman, Food

We were delighted to welcome Graham Harrison this week to deliver a series of Roman Kitchen Workshops at the classics centre. The workshops introduced Cheney students from Year 7 and Year 9 to some of the cooking and eating utensils that would have been found in an ancient Roman's kitchen, ranging from spoons made out of cow horn to an ancient version of a baby's bottle! 

The students also got to experience the taste of some of the foods Romans would have eaten, including Roman sausage, sheep's cheese and rye bread, as well as dates and apricots. The bread and sheep's cheese were particularly popular! The Romans regarded cow's milk as being unfit for adult consumption, and gave it only to babies and the unwell. Goat's and sheep's milk tended to be used instead. 

In the afternoon, a group of Year 3s and 4s from Wood Farm primary school visited for a workshop, and then finally there was a community workshop in the afternoon, which was very well-attended and enjoyed by a range of ages! 

We are very grateful indeed to Graham for coming to deliver these fascinating workshops.