Roman Medicine Day

Tags: Roman, Special Events

On Thursday 16th January, the East Oxford Community Classics Centre held the first of many themed day events.

This event was themed on the fascinating topic of ancient Greek and Roman medicine, and involved a day long series of talks and workshops delivered by experts, an exhibition, information and activity stalls and the opportunity to meet some Roman doctors!

Professor Helen King from Open University spent the day with us and delivered a series of fascinating talks to various Cheney classes, on topics ranging from Galen to the Roman army. 

As well as this, artefact experts Towse and Graham Harrison brought their wide range of original and replica Roman surgical instruments and ran a number of workshops for groups. Pupils got to see some of the grisly equipment used to operate and treat Romans two thousand years ago, including bone drills and blood-letting cups.

The Lane building was decorated with graffiti walls, facts about Roman medicine, an apothecary store and a wide range of posters and other decorations. At lunch time there was Roman food, a healing and poison stall, the opportunity to have fresh wounds painted onto arms and faces, as well as a team of floating Roman doctors to diagnose and treat the wounded! 

After school the excitement continued with a community artefacts workshop followed by an evening talk from Professor Helen King. The whole day was a great success and enjoyed by all who took part. Many thanks to everyone who volunteered and got involved.