Students stage Medea Performance

Tags: Medea, Classical Civilisation, Drama, Greek tragedy

We are very fortunate that this term, Marchella Ward, doctorate student in Greek Tragedy at the University of Oxford, has been working with our Year 12 and 13 Classical Civilisation students on a performance of Medea.

Marchella introduced both groups to the play, before allowing the students to split themselves into acting team or production team. The acting team were then assigned parts, with some key parts, like Medea, split between two students. The students have been rehearsing and learning their lines, as well as recording some of the lines. You can listen to a recording of some of the students rehearsing here:

Scene 4 chorus:

Medea speech:

Scene 8 chorus:

The production team have been designing the set, creating a poster, thinking about the themes of the play and how to bring these out in the staging, and exploring what sort of costumes the actors will be wearing. 

The performance took place on the last day of term, 7th April, in the Assembly Hall.