Year Eight Dionysia Festival

Tags: Greek theatre, Aristophanes, Classical Civilisation

On Thursday 25th May, Year Eight Beginners Latin students made their way to Corpus Christi College auditorium to take part in a Dionysia Festival! Each year, ancient Athenians held the City Dionysia festival to celebrate the god Dionysus. As part of this festival they performed comedies and tragedies. The students had spent several weeks preparing scenes which they had chosen from four different Aristophanes' plays: Peace, Birds, Clouds and Frogs. They rehearsed and updated the scenes, created trailers and posters for their plays, and made and sourced a range of costumes and props.

The festival was opened by Dr Fiona Macintosh, Director of the Archives of Greek Drama at the University of Oxford. The Year Eights then introduced and performed their plays and showed their trailers in front of an audience of classmates, staff, parents and a few student classicists. There was a miniature Dionysiac feast for everyone while Fiona and Marchella Ward, Greek theatre PhD student and Year 13 Class Civ teacher, chose who would win goat-themed prizes!

Paul O'Mahony, actor from Temple Theatre, then appeared in character as Aristophanes and ran an interactive performance, involving myth-making and the Delphic Oracle, before the prizes in each category were announced. 

Everyone had a brilliant time, and the students put on impressive performances of which they can be very proud! Thank you very much to all who supported this event.  

You can watch the Birds' team trailer here: