Palaeography for Beginners (January)

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Wednesdays, 6:30-7:30pm from Wednesday January 10th 2018

East Oxford Community Classics Centre

Teacher: Sarah Laseke

Palaeography and Manuscript Studies for Beginners


Medieval manuscripts are some of the most fascinating artefacts that have survived from the Middle Ages. The contents of these hand-written precursors of our modern books range from Arthurian romances to historical accounts and love poetry. In this 8 week course, you will learn how to unlock their secrets. You will learn how to read the most common styles of medieval handwriting from between 700 and 1500 - short transcription exercises will be discussed in class. In addition, course participants will gain insight into how the medieval book was produced. You will also be introduced to recent findings in the field of manuscript studies. At the end of the course we will visit an Oxford college library, where participants will have the opportunity to work with real medieval manuscripts.


Workload: Participants are expected to prepare for classes by familiarising themselves with scripts, by completing short transcription exercises and by reading relevant texts that will be provided. 

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